May 20, 2020 admin

You bring the awesome event. We will bring the awesome shots. In the Recap office we brainstormed this list of the 4 types of shots that we just can’t go without. The key to an engaging video is to shift perspective and maintain attention by introducing new, exciting elements to keep your audience glued to their screen. After you read the list you won’t be able to stop noticing them everywhere you look.

Things that makes your event unique.

An important part of any recap video is to establish how you are different from the other options out there. Shots that set you apart from the pack are essential. Crazy outfits, Taco Station, guests arriving by boat, Uber Eats delivery for hundreds (Yes this has happened haha!).

Faces and Emotion. 

Don’t be creeped out if it feels like we are stalking you. Those candid moments of laughter, dancing and socialising are an important part of a recap video that feels authentic. Humans have a strong need to understand and relate to facial expressions and body language. Let the smile on your guests face tell the story of an extraordinary event.

Setting the scene.

Every event has a different feel. Think about the lighting, how full the room is, how loud the crowd is, the time of day, the style of music, the dress code. All these things establish the event you are showcasing. Wide shots that set the context of your event help your viewers to understand what your event is all about!


If your “scene shots” are the steak; “Detail” shots are the sauce. Close ups of things that are interesting and pleasing to the eye. A glass of champagne being poured, The crystal beads of a chandelier, A custom neon sign. These close ups pull you deeper in to the story and add a much needed personal touch.


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